Release date 20 September 2013

Label Water Tower, NTOV

Format CD, Vinyl, Digital



TRACK LIST 1. The Lord's Prayer 2. I Can't Find Them 3. The Search Party 4. Surveillance Video 5. The Candlelight Vigil 6. Escape 7. The Tall Man 8. The Everyday Bible 9. Following Keller 10. Through Falling Snow 11. The Keeper 12. The Intruder 13. The Priest's Basement 14. The Snakes 15. The Trans Am 16. Prisoners
Album Credits Music Composed and Produced by JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON Music Editor: JOSEPH S. DEBEASI Music Legal Services: CHRISTINE BERGREN Score Orchestrated by: DANA NUI, ROSSANO GALANTE Score Conducted by: BEN FOSTER Orchestra Contractor: ISOBEL GRIFFITHS Assistant Orchestra Contractor: LUCY WHALLEY Music Librarian: DAVE FOSTER Score Recorded by: GEOFF FOSTER Score Mixed by: DANIEL KRESCO Score Recorded at: AIR STUDIOS, LONDON Score Mixed at: STUDIO B AT REMOTE CONTROL Score Recording Assistant: TOM BAILEY Score Mix Assistants: CHRISTIAN WENGER, JOHN CHAPMAN Additional recording: FRANCESCO DONADELLO Organ recorded at: MARBLE CHURCH, COPENHAGEN Still Photography: WILSON WEBB Album Mastered by: MANDY PARNELL at Black Saloon Studios, LondonFeatured Musicians Cristal Baschet, Ondes Martenot: THOMAS BLOCH Double Bass, Cello, Guitar, Electronics: ERIK SKODVIN Solo Violin: THOMAS BOWES Solo Cello: HILDUR GUDNADÓTTIR, CAROLINE DALE Electronics, Percussion, Pipe Organ, Guitar: JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON